That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit. John 3:6

As believers and followers of Christ, we now have two birthdays. The first one is the day we were naturally born, and the second is the very special day when we were born of the Spirit. Our faith journey has many twists and turns. To stay bound in God’s will, we must learn the difference between walking in the flesh versus walking according to the Spirit. As we seek to serve God as born-again children, we will be face with many decisions. The question we need to answer is whether or not we will surrender to the guidance and control of the Holy Spirit in our decision-making process.

Our utmost desire is to birth decisions in the Spirit and avoid the flesh. For example, Abraham, the father of faith, and his precious wife Sarah had a special promise from God to eventually have descendants. As they were waiting for the promise to happen, their age and circumstances were making it impossible to conceive. They indirectly tried to make the promise happen by their own devices. They asked Hagar, their slave, to help them with their carry out God’s plan. Eventually Hagar had Ismael, a child who was not born from the promise of God. Interestingly, God always has a way to redeem us from our faulty decision making. After many years, Isaac was finally born according to God’s promise. We all have a tendency to get desperate when things don’t go according to our timing and desires. This is why we end up birthing things and ideas from the flesh and not from the Spirit. When we make a decision that appears to be good, we must deeply realize not just how it will affect us, but more importantly how it affects others. Even if it appears morally righteous, can we do something that seems good that turns out to be wrong? Indeed, this can happen even to the nicest people I know.

God has the best interest for us. According to his Word, he has the best of plans for us. We do not just need to settle for good when God has his best for us. We must stop making decisions based on the fleshly desires that work against us, but learn to wait on God as he develops our patience and character.   Ask God today to reveal if your decisions are made according to the Spirit or the flesh.

By Pastor Jorge Cardenas